Optimistic Glasses and Rainbows!


Kalaheo Rainbow

Koloa Mill Rainbow

Living on Kauai we are surrounded by beauty as a feast for all the senses.  Beautiful things to see, flowers and mountain ranges, the ocean, whales, the contrast of red dirt against vibrant green–  beautiful things to smell in the air via the various fruiting and blooming plants, flowers and trees—amazing sounds to hear provided by the song birds, chickens and musicians on island, and the silky feeling of warm air, ocean water or hot sand on your skin!  Living here is truly a feast for the senses.

While I never grow tired or complacent of the beauty of this island, it’s the rainbows that keep me in awe of miracles on a daily basis.  We live on the edge of a rain-belt, so rainbows are practically a daily occurrence, and I’ve counted as many as 8 in a given day.  They can be seen in every weather condition, shape and level of brilliance here—when it’s bright and sunny or gray and dark, they can be arching high into the sky or lying flat, hugging the hills, or emerging from a cloud making a straight line into the ocean, and manifest as singles, doubles or triples!  So, when we’re out and about, it’s natural for my husband and me to point them out to each other as we notice them.

 I prefer to wear polarizing sunglasses as they block glare and colors seem to pop more, with more detail than with regular lenses.  The world seems enhanced with polarizing lenses.   My husband wears regular lenses. 

The other day we were off to the Hanapepe green waste dump when I spotted the beginnings of a huge double rainbow which apparently he couldn’t see.  Being the smarty-pants that he is, and all in good fun, he called me a nut-job and said he couldn’t see anything.  When I pointed out that my polarizing sunglasses must be what was allowing me to see it, his response was, “Yeah, your Optimistic Glasses—because there’s still nothing there!” 

This got me thinking about why some of us do view the world with optimistic glasses, some with pessimistic and others with neutral, kind-a-boring glasses.  Why do some of us literally see things that others don’t?  I see shooting stars most nights, rainbows daily, things I can’t explain in my garden (Fairies!!!)  and have wildlife experiences that are truly unexplainable (so I rarely try!).  Why do some of us live in the world of “Rational Thinking” and explanations and then there are those of us who don’t need explanations, but would rather live in the world of the unexplainable, the unseen and endless possibilities?

Well, nut-job or not, I like my optimistic glasses and the unexplainable–and it’s been my personal experience that while we nut-jobs might be challenging or even frustrating to be around, those who are rational/explanation seeking thinkers, tend to prefer the company of people like me than their own kind! 

So—today—this year– which glasses will you choose to wear?  Here’s to seeing the world, life and each other with fresh eyes!

Joyfully and with warmest aloha,


One thought on “Optimistic Glasses and Rainbows!

  1. He’s a kook! You are not a nut-job, nor am I! We are special unique True Ones doing the best we can on this beautiful planet. Keep those “glasses” on because WE are needed here. Right Time, Right Place. Mahalo and Aloha. Kauai Energy


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