Kim McVicker
Cmht, NLP
My particular style of coaching is born from a background of screwing my life up royally—(in hindsight, I realize it was divinely orchestrated!) and being blessed with enough of a moral compass to recognize that I was/am the common-denominator in ALL of my failures—relationships, occupational failures, spiritual issues, physical problems, etc.. My story isn’t one of instant enlightenment—at least not applied outwardly. I, rather, would learn a small lesson—or perhaps a big lesson, and then take a year or 3 to actually implement the changes that would integrate said lesson into making me and my life better. And during those less than joy filled years, while feeling oh so superior about what small strides I had made, I felt justified in my lack of tolerance for the rest of humanity!

There’s nothing quite like taking your new-found staff of spirituality and beating others with it! I know—not so attractive—but truly helpful in the long-run.

This particular choice of the slow, self-sabotaged path to personal growth has gifted me with an innate ability to laugh at myself, and others!(With others—really!) Because I’ve been the perpetrator of all that is considered mean, ugly, self-serving, shallow and hurtful, and reconciled that within myself, I have absolutely no judgment of others. I have been left with a deep, unshakeable love of my fellow beings that still amazes me.

This translates into my sessions as pure presence, humility, acceptance, love and an ability for me to see the REAL you and hold a space for you to express that Essence—the highest version of you. It is in this space where the gap between your current experience and the experience you long for is bridged. This is the space where true transformation can take root.

So in practical application, I’ve broadened my abilities by studying, (in real, accredited and certified schools) spiritual direction, meditation, multiple energy healing modalities, Huna studies, Life Coaching. NLP, Integrative Hypnotherapy, Quantum Healing and Intuition, Yoga, Shiatsu, various body work modalities, along with thousands of hours spent one on one with clients, families and groups.

My approach is direct with lots of practical, commonsense strategies derived from connecting you to your own inner guidance, re-establishing a new relationship with self. I know that you already possess the knowledge to transform. Our work together will awaken you to your true nature, and provide the skills and strategies necessary for Living a Congruent Life. A life where your thoughts, words and actions are in alignment.

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